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California Dreaming

An Afternoon in Big Sur & Carmel By The Sea

If you’ve known me for any amount of time at all then you’d know that I LOVE to travel. And so whenever the opportunity presents itself I am ready to hop the next flight towards my next adventure! However, the odd thing about this Houston Photographer when she travels is that she rarely takes the “big” camera on these adventures. Leaving very little documentation of my trips other than my memories. So needless to say it’s a big deal when I am excited about a destination to bring out the big baby.

To say that Coastal Central California is beautiful would be an understatement. For as far as the eye can see there’s such a beautiful and raw beauty that was love at first sight.

Here’s my poor attempt at landscape photography:

Every time I leave California, I leave a little bit of my heart behind. Looking forward to many more trips to the golden state.